Monsanto Soft White Wheat Litigation


Monsanto Company has agreed to a $2.375 million settlement with soft white wheat farmers in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington to resolve a number of lawsuits related to the May 2013 discovery of genetically-modified wheat on a farm in Eastern Oregon and subsequent temporary limits on certain exports of soft white wheat. Under the settlement, Monsanto has agreed to pay $2.125 million into a settlement fund to compensate eligible farmers who sold or priced for sale between May 30, 2013 and November 30, 2013 soft white wheat farmed in Idaho, Oregon or Washington.



Market Comments

Markets traded higher today on continued concerns in the Black Sea Region mainly Russia’s economic stability and future wheat exports. Russian talk of curbing exports does not extend to the two primary destinations of Turkey and Egypt.  Egypt used to be a fairly decent buyer of US wheat. EU grain exporters are expected to fill any gap, from halting Russian exports.  This could be an opportunity for Ukraine to acquire higher prices for their grain exports. March wheat futures closed @ 655 ¼ up 6 ¾ in CGO, KCY @ 683 ¾ up 2 ¼ and Minny @ 661 up 1 ¼. 


  • WATCH THE BASIS ON ALL WHEATS!!!! SW basis levels at .82 losing value due to futures. DNS basis losing .05 on the day dropping to 300 level and HRW basis getting weaker at 100. New crop SW basis also decreasing at +69, new crop HRW / DNS levels static.
  • PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE IS UP. Be aware that a market that soars upward as wheat has lately can correct itself in a harsh vengeful way losing value quickly.

Joe is 0 % marketed and 85% CRC coverage. Big swingers don’t sell before Christmas…

Ted reached his goal of 7.35 new crop and sold another 5000 bu making him 10% sold with an average of 7.26.  85% CRC coverage.


Market Comments Updated: 12/18/2014

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- Spotlight: Mariam Foods

  • Portland, Oregon-based Mariam Foods gets some love, and owner, Sam Andemariam, explains why he uses PNW Co-op Specialty Foods Caviar Black and Shasta Yellow lentils for his popular line of lentil dips.  Check out the whole article HERE.


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- Mighty Mustard 2014 Harvest Update
: The latest info!

  • The Pacific Gold seed has been cleaned and has passed Certified Seed Standards!  This seed will be moving out to all of our trusted distributors ASAP.
  • The IdaGold seed is being cleaned now and samples are already on their way to the lab.  We should have results back within 2 weeks.  If the seed passes Certification, it will be made available to all of our distributors ASAP.
  • Our Kodiak and White Gold crops essentially failed due to sustained high temps and no rain in the dryland growing areas this summer.  We did get a small amount of Kodiak harvested (and a very small amount of White Gold, but not enough to sell), but the seed did not meet Certified Seed standards due to the presence of a small amount of lambsquarter seed that we were unable to clean out.  These varieties will be unavailable this year.

For an updated list of Mighty Mustard distributors with current inventory, please visit our Where To Buy page.


- PNW Co-op Specialty Foods NEW Expanded "Where To Buy" Section 

  • We have revamped our "Where To Buy " page on ! You can find all the stores across the country where your PNW Co-op Specialty Foods are sold across the country (and even in British Columbia, Canada)!  You can also go directly to the PNW Co-op Specialty Foods page by following the link to!


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The Farmed Smart Sustainable Agriculture Certification offers farmers a promotable consumer brand for their adherence to defined conservation standards, certifies that they are utilizing sustainable practices, and develops markets for certified sustainable product.  The certification standards will ensure water quality, air quality, soil quality, wildlife habitat are being improved while providing energy conservation and economic viability to the farmer.  This certification will provide a platform to educate stakeholders on the social and environmental benefits of direct seed farming practices and provide recognition and value to producers who are raising dry-land crops under these practices.


To learn more go to

Brugler Commentary
Wheat -

Wheat futures are trading with losses today.  CBT wheat is off 19 to 22 cents, KC is down 17 to 20 cents, and MPLS is mostly 13 to 15 cents

Wheat -

Wheat futures are trading sharply lower this morning, with front month losses of 15 to 19 cents at this point. The Russians indicated that they

Wheat -

Wheat futures rallied to new highs for their moves earlier today, but the front months of all three major classes ended the session at least 19

Wheat -

Wheat futures are currently trading 3 to 7 cents higher, but with 2016 contracts in the red in Chicago.  LIFFE wheat futures are trading

Wheat -

Wheat futures are currently trading with gains mostly from 9 to 15 cents after double digit gains on Wednesday that carried the market to new highs.

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